Anterior Chamber, Iris & Ciliary Body

This is the fluid filled front chamber of the eye. The fluid, known as aqueous, is produced behind the iris (by the ciliary body), flows through the pupil, and drains out near the root of the iris (trabecular mesh or angle).

Problems with drainage of fluid from the eye causes the pressure in the eye to rise. High eye pressure is termed ocular hypertension. As the pressure rises this may damage the sight, known as Glaucoma. Glaucoma does not usually cause symptoms until it is very advanced. The sight loss is irreversible. Rarely, the pressure in the eye can rise within hours, causing immediate loss of vision with a painful red eye (angle closure glaucoma). This must be treated urgently. Inflammation of the iris is known as anterior uveitis or iritis and it also causes redness, pain, photophobia and blurred vision.

Inflammation (Iritis / Uveitis)

High pressure (Ocular Hypertension)

Glaucoma (Open & Closed Angle, Normal Pressure)

Pupil Size (Anisocoria, Horners, Aides)